Posted in September 2012

Critters in Your Compost! (includes ID Guide)

Critters in Your Compost!

Curious about what’s living in your compost? Check out our compost decomposer guide for more information about all the critters that make compost possible

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Being “Green” Around Those Who Aren’t

Politics, religion, and….treehugging.  When these topics come up, sometimes tempers can flare, stereotypes run rampant, and soap boxes magically appear.  I dislike the word hate, so much so you might say I hate it.  But when it comes to stereotypes, soap boxes, and trying to settle arguments through anger, I would say I come pretty … Continue reading

Compost: It’s Alive!

The physical and chemical conditions in a compost heap seem logical if you think about what compost really is-a big pile of food for billions of minute organisms. These microorganisms have certain chemical requirements, primarily carbon for energy, nitrogen to build proteins, and oxygen for respiration. The most numerous organisms in a compost pile are … Continue reading

Need “browns” for your compost?

Shortage of “browns” in your bin? You probably have one of these materials in your home: Paper grocery bags Newspaper Tree bark Shredded paper Toilet paper rolls Paper towel rolls Brown lunch bags Cardboard Dryer lint Coffee filters Tea bags Natural fiber fabrics Cereal boxes Packaged food boxes Egg cartons Hair Junk mail Food-soiled paper … Continue reading

Rotline: What are the white things in my worm bin?

You are likely to find many organisms other than worms in your worm bin! Like backyard composting, you will see a diverse, interdependent community of large and small organisms. They serve as food for each other, clean up each others’ waste, convert materials to forms that other organisms can utilize, and control each others’ populations. … Continue reading

Welcome to Our Garden

As many of you know, the Solana Center has been around for almost thirty years. Begun in 1983, our organization has progressed from a curbside recycling business to the educational center that it is today. These changes have taken place not only internally within our programs but on our actual site. Just in the past … Continue reading

Backyard Crustaceans

We’ve really got to hand it to arthropods. Numbering over 1 million species, arthropods (insects, crustaceans and spiders) make up over 80% of classified living and fossilized species- and that’s only accounting for known species. As a compost enthusiast, arthropods become increasingly endearing, as many of them are detritvores (species that feed on decomposing organic … Continue reading