Posted in October 2012

Rotline: Are Super Dense Worm Castings Still Usable?

Yes! Thick, fudgy castings are as viable a soil amendment as finer, more granular castings. Denser castings may, however, necessitate some adaptations to traditional methods of harvest and application. First, an important distinction: – Castings/Vermicast = Worm manure – Vermicompost = A mixture of worm castings and decomposed or partially decomposed organic matter that has not been … Continue reading

Natural Flea Repellants: Rosemary Bath

Who would’ve thought that such tiny creatures could cause so much trouble (probably what our owners say about us too)? But fleas were a huge problem this summer for the Solana Center dogs and our owners really struggled to keep them in check. Here are a few of the natural methods they tried and a … Continue reading

DIY Pallet Planter

We’ve been getting lots of compliments lately on our pallet planter and a few people have been asking how we made ours. Here are a few photos to guide you through the easy process: Need: 1 pallet Chicken wire or mesh (8 feet in length for 4 planter spaces or 12 feet in length for … Continue reading

“Greening” My First Home

Adulthood has finally caught up to me. After 4 years of living separately, my boyfriend and I have finally moved in together into a 2-bedroom craftsman house in Normal Heights. The house has charm, built-ins, a garden, a garage, and is less than a block away from fresh tortillas. What more could I ask for?! … Continue reading