Being “Green” Around Those Who Aren’t: Part 2

On the same note as my previous post, I’m curious as to how people choose to deal with strangers doing something that is not environmentally friendly.  In the following instances, what would you do?

1. A person intentionally drops their gum/candy wrapper near you, would you:
Pick it up and hand it to them saying they must’ve accidentally dropped it
b. Pick it up for them, but make sure they can either see you do it, or you mumble a little something under your breath while they’re still in earshot about people littering
c. Pick it up and not say a word, but secretly wish that their gum loses its flavor extremely fast or that candy  they’re eating causes a cavity

2. You’re at the grocery store and someone in front of you is buying just a few things and asking for a plastic bag, would you:
a. Buy them a reusable bag to use
b. Give them one of your extra ones (since if you’re like me, they are starting to multiply in your home)
c. Not say a word but strategically place your cloth bags on the counter, and ask if the checker knows if San Diego will be following in San Francisco’s footsteps and start charging for plastic bags soon
d. Try to telepathically will them to just put the items in their pocket/purse and not use a bag at all

3. Your neighbor has a garden and a lot of yard waste, yet throws all of his organic waste (food scraps, yard waste) in the trash, would you:
a. Let him be, it’s not your yard
b. Put your compost bin right up against his fence and loudly talk to yourself about how awesome your “black  gold” (finished compost) is for your garden and pocketbook
c. Invite him to Solana Center’s next free composting workshop
d. Ask him to give you all his organic waste


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