“Greening” My First Home

ImageAdulthood has finally caught up to me. After 4 years of living separately, my boyfriend and I have finally moved in together into a 2-bedroom craftsman house in Normal Heights. The house has charm, built-ins, a garden, a garage, and is less than a block away from fresh tortillas. What more could I ask for?! But it wasn’t until the excitement of the move settled, that I realized how much work I had to do. The list of problems seems so endless: dead grass in the front and backyards, pathetic soil in all the garden beds, dying plants throughout the yards and garden, the musty smell of old wood and carpet, incessant raids by the never-ending population of spiders, flies, ants, and local mammals…….you get the picture. After wallowing in my sense of overwhelm for a while (and after a critical push from my “Martha Stewart” mother), I have found the determination to make this house my home. With a tiny budget and almost zero help from my partner in crime, I will be taking on the daunting task of tackling all my household problems in ways that are friendly to both the environment and my wallet. Although I’m sure both failures and successes await me, I hope you find my experiences to be helpful and I can’t wait to hear your own stories and tips on what “greening” practices work best in your home.


One thought on ““Greening” My First Home

  1. Living off grid means understanding how power, water and waste is dealt with on a daily basis. It’s amazing how aware you become of what you use when you go green. This is a way of life, but it doesn’t have to be a sacrifice.

    Check out a friends of mines house on a remote island in Bocas del Toro, Panama, just an island away from my own home over the water and see that you can live very comfortably whilst being green!

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