Natural Flea Repellants: Rosemary Bath

Who would’ve thought that such tiny creatures could cause so much trouble (probably what our owners say about us too)? But fleas were a huge problem this summer for the Solana Center dogs and our owners really struggled to keep them in check. Here are a few of the natural methods they tried and a final determination of what worked best…look for it in Part 3!

Rosemary Bath

Rosemary has long been a valued herb both for it’s medicinal and culinary value. It’s rumored that fleas hate the strong smell it gives off, making it the perfect choice for a natural flea repellant. To make the solution, steep 2 cups of rosemary in boiling water for half an hour. Then strain the liquid and compost the rosemary stalks.


Let the liquid cool until it is safe to be applied to skin. This will probably take over a half hour.


Once the liquid has cooled, pour it over your dog, making sure that every part of his/her body is covered. Not only do fleas hate the smell of rosemary but the liquid can drown them.


Your dog will not be happy with you at the moment (as you can see from my photo) but they will soon thank you. Let the solution dry. DO NOT rinse it off. If your dogs coat is white like mine, you might notice a yellowish tint that will eventually fade. The verdict? The rosemary bath worked pretty well. No fleas were sighted immediately after the bath and my itching stopped for a couple weeks. My coat also smelled great and was really soft.

Have any of you tried the rosemary bath? What did you think?

– Kujo


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