Posted in December 2012

Know Your Worms! (includes ID Chart)

Worms are a highly diverse and invaluable species! Let’s take a closer look at what makes our wiggly friends so unique. WHAT MAKES COMPOST WORMS SPECIAL? The term ‘compost worms’ refers to several species of epigeic earthworms (namely red worms Eisenia fetida, Eisenia andrei, and Eisenia veneta) that have been domesticated over the years to assist … Continue reading

Rotline: How Long Until My Compost Is Ready To Use?

The timeline for cultivating finished compost varies according to a number of factors. Composting practices occur on a spectrum, but can be described according to three basic approaches:  more passive composting, more active composting, and hot composting. Passive composting (also referred to as cool, continuous composting) requires the lowest levels of engagement for pile set-up … Continue reading

Natural Flea Repellants: Lemon Spray

These fleas are putting up a valiant fight against the natural remedies we are trying. The rosemary bath made me smell great and seemed to scare some of them off but I needed to try something new. My owner read that fleas don’t like the smell of lemon or the feeling of salt on their … Continue reading