Natural Flea Repellants: Lemon Spray

These fleas are putting up a valiant fight against the natural remedies we are trying. The rosemary bath made me smell great and seemed to scare some of them off but I needed to try something new. My owner read that fleas don’t like the smell of lemon or the feeling of salt on their skin so we decided to try mixing them both! We put some lemons to boil in a pot of water with a tablespoon of salt. For good measure we added some stalks of rosemary.


Then we let the pot boil for 20 minutes.


After letting it cool we strained the liquid into a spray bottle. Instead of bathing me in it, my owner thought it might be a great idea to spray it on my problem areas like my hind legs and tail.

Judgement? Once again the spray gave my coat a funny color but I smelled great! However I didn’t really notice any difference with the fleas. They were still biting away like crazy! And then after a week or two, the spray started to grow mold and became unusable. If I had to compare, the rosemary bath seemed to work a little better (maybe because it drowned the fleas when I was drenched in it). Stay tuned to hear about our next experiment which turned out to be my favorite.

– Kujo


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