Posted in January 2013

5 Ways to Harvest Worm Castings

The ability to harvest small handfuls of worm castings as needed is a thing of composting beauty. However, in order to ensure that your vermicomposting system diverts the greatest volume of organic material and supports the healthiest worm population, it’s important to fully harvest and refresh the tray(s) every so often! You will know that … Continue reading

Urban Agriculture Ordinances in San Diego

    As many of you may already know, on January 31, over 100 San Diego citizens attended the San Diego City Council Meeting to show their support of revisions to an outdated set of Urban Agriculture Regulations. It passed unanimously! These regulations provided the guidelines for produce sales at farmer’s markets, community gardens, and daily … Continue reading

Pest Control for Backyard Composting

Are there pests in your neighborhood? You may not even be aware of any small creatures like raccoons, mice, rats or insects in your midst until you start to compost. Previously unnoticed pests may now be looking for a new source of food or a cozy bed in your compost pile. It is important to … Continue reading