Have your family picnic in sustainable style!

The weather is warm and the sun is shining, making it a lovely picnic season. It is so easy to wrap your picnic food in plastic wrap, put it all in a bag and throw all your trash away at the nearest trashcan. However, the earth, the water, the landfill, and your garden will all thank you for making some small changes that have huge impacts. Here are some tips on how to make your picnics colorful, tasty, and earth-friendly.

  • First of all, buy a picnic basket. Choose a nice sturdy basket, cooler, or reusable bag that can be washed easily. These can be attractive, easy to use, and reused over and over. No more paper lunch bags in the trash!
  • Next, buy some reusable bags to get that plastic wrap out of the landfill. Your everyday plastic sandwich baggies can be washed and rinsed in the sink to be reused. There are some great alternatives that are much more durable. Some companies have come up with reusable lunch bags and pouches, made specifically to provide an easy alternative to using new bags every day. They are sturdy, reliable, and easily washable, and all of a sudden, no more plastic wrap or flimsy plastic bags!
  • Bring reusable utensils. While plastic utensils can be easy to use and dispose of, without too much trouble, you can bring your own! If you don’t wish to bring along your set of silverware you use at the dinner table, consider purchasing a set of utensils just for your picnic. You can find camping sets that are often made of sturdy plastic, or a newer option, bamboo utensils. The same goes for plates, bowls, and cups – buy them in sturdy plastic or bamboo if you don’t want to use anything breakable.
  • And don’t forget: keep those apple cores! Keep your compostable food waste in one of your reusable baggies and bring them home to feed to your worms or to throw in the compost pile in your backyard. You would be amazed at what a difference it makes!

And there you have it, some fun colorful ways to make your picnic clean and green. All reusable suggestions can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Remember your sunscreen, enjoy the weather and have a wonderful picnic!

What suggestions do you have? What things does your family do to keep your picnics and packed lunches green?

To find out more about reusable lunch bags, sacks, and wraps, check out these products from a San Diego-based company. You can find reusable utensils and plate sets at places like Target, REI, and Bed Bath and Beyond.


One thought on “Have your family picnic in sustainable style!

  1. I have been promising myself that I would get to the beach at least once a week; I made this promise back in January, and so far have only gone to the beach 4 times. My excuses are good, true even. But still~the beach is 3 miles away, and only 4 visits this year? One night as I was falling asleep it suddenly came to me: I need a routine. Pick one day a week, first thing in the morning, and pack my breakfast into reusable containers, and get out the door by 7:30am. Ok, I can do that. So last Wednesday, I took care of my dog’s needs, gathered my breakfast and was at the beach by 7:45am. My toast with ricotta spread was still warm in a plastic container, my cereal (eaten dry) was in another, my fresh fruit in a 3rd container. I put my tea in a glass jar with a wide mouth so i could drop in my herb ball. At the beach, I climbed up onto the wall, spread out my feast, and sat there for almost an hour, eating, saying hi to people, watching and counting the sets of waves, tracking birds in the sky, and reveling in the quiet. After an hour, I packed all of my containers back in my bag and headed home. I had 0 waste! All consumed by either myself or my worms. The water I used to rinse my dishes was caught in a tub in my sink and poured on a thirsty plant. And I really felt proud that I’d finally done it, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Now, every Wednesday morning, I’ll be at the beach, eating my breakfast, rain or shine.

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