Hot Tips for Hot Days

We’ve faced some pretty hot days here in San Diego.  Here are some tips for how to handle compost during summer months, conserve water and energy, and of course, how to protect your worms from sunburn!

Compost tips for hot summer months:

  • Hot weather dries out compost.  Be sure to add water so your compost has the water level of a wrung-out rag. You can also conserve moisture levels by moving your bin to a shady spot, putting the compost in a water-tight plastic or metal container, or putting a lid/shade over it (check out our cool solar panel shades!)
  • Worms are more active in the summer months when their eggs are hatching.  This means they need more food! Also be sure to keep compost moist to ensure the worms are comfy (though not so moist mold develops).
  • Composting is a science and questions come up during challenging summer months. Need help? Contact our Rotline at

    Let's keep those worms happy!

    Let’s keep those worms happy!

San Diego is in its third consecutive year of severe drought.  Here are some ways to reduce your use:

  • Water-wise gardening is a great way to use less water and there are as many ways to save water as there are native drought-tolerant plants!
  • Consider using greywater.  A family of four in San Diego could utilize 22,000 gallons of water a year from its washing machine’s rinse cycle alone! The City of San Diego has great greywater resources and tips.
  • Install water-saving shower faucets and sink aerators.
  • And, of course, remember to take shorter showers and turn off the sink while brushing your teeth (especially good, easy tips for kids!)

    Greywater is a great way to re-purpose household water

    Greywater is a great way to re-purpose household water

It’s always a good time to conserve energy, but especially in hotter months where rates rise and brownouts loom. Here are some quick tips:

  • Cut down on power vampires! These power suckers consume energy even when the device isn’t turned on, and can comprise up to 75% of your electronic use.  Turn off power strips or unplug appliances not in use.
  • Use ceiling or floor fans instead of the AC – fans use way less energy and can be very effective.
  • Air dry your laundry.  It’s already hot outside, let the sun work for free!

    The sun is free- use it instead of the dryer!

    The sun is free – use it instead of the dryer!


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