Help Solana Center to find a new home!

Solana Center, Garden, Front door

We are actively seeking a new home since our long-term lease in Encinitas will not be renewed. We’re looking for a space that can house our offices/store front, with enough acreage to build and maintain a demonstration garden, house our worm bins, offer space for workshops and environmental education, showcase rainwater harvesting barrels, and be a hub for cultivating environmental stewards for our community.

1st Solana Recylers truck (Feb 1984)

We have been educating the San Diego community for over 30 years, through our extensive environmental education and outreach. We want to stay in the North County Coastal region – the community that we support and that has supported us so well over the years! Our biggest challenge in finding a new space has been the cost. “If we have to move to an expensive location, we’re in danger of not being able to provide all the services we’re known for,” Executive Director Jessica Toth said.

Please help us to find a new home where we can continue to educate and advocate for the environment! If you know of a space or have property that you can donate or lease to Solana Center, please contact Jessica Toth,


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