Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop at Solana Center

GLW_Fruittree_Pruning1 GLW_Fruittree_Pruning2LR GLW_Fruittree_Pruning3LR GLW_Fruittree_Pruning4LR

This weekend Solana Center hosted Ari Tenenbaum, co-founder and lead designer of Revolution Landscape, for a hands-on decidious fruit tree pruning workshop.  We learned how to distinguish “leader” branches, proper pruning principals, the importance of pruning to allow for light, air, space, and growth, and why you need to cut your branch back at the outer edge of the branch collar.  After Ari’s demonstration we were even given the chance to try it ourselves!  The workshop was informative, engaging, and we all left with practical skills to implement proper pruning techniques on our fruit trees. Thank you Ari!

Next month we will be hosting Candace Vanderhoff, Founder and CEO of  RainThanks & Greywater, for a Greywater Demystified Workshop.


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