Resolve to Save Energy in 2015!

How are the New Years resolutions going so far?  Some goals are harder to achieve then others, but if you are looking to reduce your energy usage and save money SDG&E can help you with that. SDG&E has a ton of tips and tools to get you set up to start saving energy and money today!

save-the-environmentLevel Pay Plan: Level Pay Plan makes your energy bill more predictable from month to month. Check it out at

Energy Use Alerts: Enroll in energy use alerts to help keep you on track. Set spending goals, receive usage notifications and even get a weekly energy use report. Enroll today at

My Account: Understanding how and when you use energy is essential to finding ways to reduce. SDG&E tools, like My Account, can help. My Account is the one-stop shop for all your personal, secure energy information and services. Get started today at

Commit to making a change that will benefit your pocket but and our environment! Win! Win!


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