About Us

Teenagers learning about the importance of composting for a sustainable future.

Teenagers learning about the importance of composting for a sustainable future.


Solana Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Encinitas, California.  Originally founded as the Solana Recyclers in 1983, we pioneered the first comprehensive curbside recycling program in San Diego County and one of the first community-based recycling programs in the State of California. In 1996, we left the recycling collection business to focus our energies on community outreach, public education and creating new markets for recycled products. The word “Solana” has remained and is symbolic of our work in the broader community. In Spanish, Solana means “place where the light shines.” Carrying the torch of environmental awareness is something that we take very seriously, finding ways to illuminate problems, creating solutions and inspiring change.

Our Mission

Our mission at Solana Center is to empower students and adults through education and action to become environmental stewards in their communities.

Our Programs

Our programs are broad in scope, including: environmental education, composting, gardening, watershed protection, pollution prevention and sustainable living.

Creating Change

Solana Center works at the grass roots level to encourage the community to change the way they think about their environment.  We promote the sustainable management of resources through education and hope that people will begin to rethink the products they use and how we can reduce our impact on the planet.


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